got my new business cards in today, decided to keep it simple (no picture on it) let me know what you think!


  1. Jenniferbuehrer

    those are awesome!

  2. jennay

    absolutley lovely!!! you are by far the most creative photographer ever!!!!

  3. Sunset Images

    Love them! They look so awesome!

  4. jennie - photojenic photography

    They are fabulous, simplicity at it’s best. Totally unique and I love that 🙂 Girl, you rock!

  5. pure7studios

    purdy! we, too, are fans of the “less is more” with the business cards. sometimes pictures on them are just too much. yours is very pretty and still reflects you style. good job!

  6. Kirstin @ Bliss Event Group

    Those are beautiful, love them!

  7. Troy & Crystal

    Love ’em!!!!

  8. birdonthelawn

    hot hot hot and oh so simple! they are fabulous!

  9. j|terrell

    very nice–simple goes a long way. the texture looks really nice.

  10. Dayna Barolin

    I’m so jealous!

  11. Story

    Love these! They are smokin 😛

  12. Sentimental Visions Photography

    I LOVE them!!! Those rock!!

  13. Melanie Watson

    These are perfect and I love them!

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