1. Karla Hays

    Thanks for the opportunity with this giveaway. Great shot!

  2. Valerie Michelle Steely

    I'd love to have this for my sons nursery. My hubs was just two days shy of missing his birth. And was a new dad off the boat…

  3. Kay Oden Dupree

    Beautiful shot!

  4. Alison Duy Kailer

    Your work is always so beautiful!!

  5. Marcquinta Donald Parks

    Love this photo!

  6. Miwa Jimenez

    Dress White <3

  7. Rachel Lockard

    This is a beautiful photo! Your work is phenomenal!

  8. Kimberlee

    Thanks for sharing your work, Michelle! Your work is beautiful!

  9. Holliwood Tomlin-Woodson

    Awesome picture Michelle

  10. Brittany Whitmire

    What a beautiful photo!

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