USS Blue Ridge (LCC-19) Homecoming Photography

Jamie + Linzy’s story:

Linzy and I met in Spanish class our Sophomore year at Texas A&M. We studied together during finals and became great friends. Two years later (our Senior year), we became an official couple. After graduation in Dec 2007, we got engaged and we moved out to San Diego to begin Linzy’s Navy career. I was working at State Farm selling life insurance and mutual funds and he was the electrical officer on the USS Howard. A couple of months after he arrived at the ship, we had to get ready for our first deployment. We hadn’t been apart at all since we started dating and didn’t know what to expect. The months crept by and we were really looking forward to our wedding the following March 2009.
Linzy’s ship got stuck in Guam because of some repairs that needed to be made. He had not been feeling well for a few weeks prior to this, but was taking Tylenol and drinking lots of water to try to get through the last couple of weeks before the ship completed the 7-month deployment. They were supposed to be home right before Thanksgiving. On Nov 7, I got a call from Linzy’s shipmate, Tim. He told me they were at the hospital in Guam because Linzy passed out and that the doctors were saying he either had leukemia or malaria. He was med-evacuated back to San Diego the next day packed in ice with a 104 degree temp and diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML). Linzy was given less than 24 hours to live. But—Linzy is a stubborn man with a deep faith in our Creator…
We spent the next 30 days at Balboa hospital in San Diego. I spent every night right there in his hospital bed with him. The oncologist taking care of Linzy, Dr. Holmes, found a clinical trial for AML at M.D. Anderson in Houston (Linzy’s hometown), so we moved there in December. After seven rounds of chemotherapy and lots of painful bone marrow biopsies, Linzy was released and found fit for full duty. Praise God! We married at the courthouse in Houston during all of this on March 2, 2009.
We moved back to San Diego and Linzy worked at Balboa hospital for a few months before returning to life on a ship. Linzy was the Strike Officer on the USS Kidd when we got pregnant with our first child, Sheppard. Sheppard is three now. Our daughter, Hadley, was born in Japan (our current duty station) and will be one on May 20th.
The Lord has blessed us abundantly! We just celebrated 5 years of marriage and look forward to many many more.
We are so thankful for all of the friends we’ve made during our navy career, for the many benefits of working for the government and for the adventures to come.


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  1. Que bonitas fotografias,muy emotivas
    eres buena para tomar fotos,I love you mija

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