we had a pretty cool day, did Jude’s 3 month photos since I was already outside and had a camera… Pepe rode around with his Lightning McQueen, running over kids ofcourse.
The last part or the day was kind of sad because we went to the fair, but didn’t dare to go in, the LINES were ridiculous! We’ll go Tues.



  1. Alley

    lol LOVE the feet one….. he looks so much like Joe… and Pepe…. what cute kids you have….is that car a belair… I just did a pinup shoot with a 55 belair….

  2. Andi

    What a darling Jude is…. I love the one of him looking at you from the corners of his eyes… there’s so much yet to come in that little chunky face. Makes me want to hear the pitter patter of another one myself… And poor little Pepe… clinging to the fence… then turning away to go home… oh its so sad…. Fortunately, these are the tragedies for children… if they are lucky. The photos are lovely… as always…

  3. monitheexplorer

    Michelle! The Internet is so conducive to stalking. Especially when it's freezing outside and you spend the day in bed "working" online. So yes, I'm stalking your blog. You take the most beautiful wonderful amazing photos. I'd love to shadow you one day… just for fun. Watch the magic happen. When I get back to America I'm gonna dig up some old ones of us as kids. I'll bring them to our reunion ;] I love that your little man wears crocks and rides around in a little race car. Your little men are super adorable.

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