The Newlyweds






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This is a “day after” session. These are great sessions to do because it allows me to photograph the couple without pressure or wanting to rush to the reception because everyone is waiting on them. (A feeling you WILL experience on your wedding day) So here’s a tip for you, get one of these the next day and we will make magic!


  1. mirka psak

    I absolutely LOVE this Michelle!

  2. Sentimental Visions Photography

    Absolutely LOVE it!

  3. Pamela

    Beautiful work. They seems like the exact type of people you just love to work with. Great job Michelle!

  4. CBM

    Lovin' these!!!!!

  5. Corin Jones

    They are SO beautiful! I especially love the first one and the one of her with the red lens flare. Gorgeous!!

  6. Anonymous

    These came out awesome Michelle! <3 Sonia

  7. Hi-Fi Weddings

    This is absolutely gorgeous! Does the gentleman play in a band or anything? I'd love to try to feature this on Hi-Fi Weddings, if you're intersted 🙂

    Just shoot me an email, doll!

  8. Joseph Yarrow

    I've loved following you! Your work just keeps on getting better!

  9. Micah Cordes

    lllooooooovveeee it….

  10. Kirsten Mavric

    Love these so much.

  11. Nikole Grace Webb

    Very Creative

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