The Day After…

the wedding! Ok- you brides out there, this is why it’s better to wait to do your bridals AFTER your wedding. #1- you don’t have to worry about getting your dress dirty
#2 your new HUBBY can come along
#3 everyone can see your photos right away
#4 you can even turn it into a “trash the dress” session. So really it’s about 3 sessions in one.



  1. Story

    ALL equally gorgeous!

  2. Pure 7 Studios

    she is STUNNING. either that, or you’re just realllllly good in photoshop. ha ha, just kidding. she looks so young though! that, or i’m just getting old! great work michelle!

  3. Brandy Ellen Photography

    Great work…I found you through Ryan’s blog…you have some great talent!

  4. CRO photography

    the last one and the 3rd to last one are absolutely breathtaking.

  5. evelyn eslava

    sooo pretty!
    love the feeling<3

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