Pepe Update

Hey all thanks so much for all your sweet comments and keeping him in your prayers. It’s been SO hard. Him and I came to Sacred Heart Tuesday at around 11 30pm and we’re still here. His surgery was yesterday.

Turns out he had a really bad abcess from MRSA- I am guessing it involved a lymph?
He’s had abcesses before but never have they been this bad or as rapid growing. 🙁

They have sedated him twice- once for his CAT scan and another to do a “needle stick” puncture… that didn’t work b/c none of the drainage came out- he had fevers non-stop of 103+….
FINALLY the Doc did surgery- he went under general anesthesia, had a breathing tube placed and had the lump opened. His neck is still a little swollen but ever since then he has felt and LOOKS a looooot better. He does have some stitches and a drainage tube coming out of his neck. We still have some occasional bad fevers- scary. Plus pain, he hates it here, I hate to see him like this, I wish we could go home.

The doc said he will be here for at least 2 more days IF he can go through 24 hrs without fever. SOO.. crossing my fingers.

Thank God Joe came here from Jax on Wed night. I couldn’t it by myself anymore.

He will have to leave Sunday, dunno what time.

anyway gotta go.

thank you.


  1. CRO photography

    so sorry you’re going through this! my son is 2 and a half and I know how hard it must be to see your baby sick:( I will keep him and your family in your prayers.

  2. Anonymous

    Bless his heart! My daughter gets a MRSA cyst on her bottom once a year for the past few years. I think she contracted it from a hotel swimming pool. It is really nasty and horribly painful. My heart goes out to you and Pepe, it really is a scary thing. You knew something was really wrong and you followed your intuition. Good job, Mom! I’ll keep Pepe in my prayers. My daughter never had to be admitted for her cysts, luckily. She has a great pediatrician who was able to spot it immediately and start treatment, but for a whole week we had to go and have them drain it which was really painful for her. Please keep us updated.

    Angie Wagner

  3. Amanda

    Gosh, that must be so stressful. Poor little thing! 🙁 Hope you all get back to normal soon.

  4. Jessica


    You have been in my prayers. I am glad everything went well. Please let me know if you need anything at all.


  5. Bonnie Dearing

    Aw, Michelle. I'm so sorry you all are going through this. We're thinking & praying for his quick recover 24/7. Love you, Bonnie

  6. Carrie Hasson

    oh my goodness, i am so sorry to hear your baby has been sick…i will keep him and your family in my prayers and will pray for NO FEVER so he can come home soon~

  7. Mary Stafford

    I pray for you guys but rest assured Sacred Heart Toddler Ward is great minus those stupid cribs. Everyone there is so much better than the Navy hosp in Pensacola and Jax trust me I know. They did great when Alex had his brachioscopy (sp?) when they let him up and around make sure to grab a wagon and take him on a tour or hit the play room 🙂 Keep smiling!

  8. Story

    Do you know how he got MRSA Michelle? There has been an outbreak of people getting that from the Santa Rosa Hospital in Milton, FL where we used to live. I got it when I had Lucas. Yuck.
    Poor little guy, I really hope he’s feeling better, and you too! I hope you’re getting rest. It’s always so hard watching your baby in pain.
    Sending hugs!

  9. Avant Images

    Oh my gosh, Michelle….I am so sorry to hear that Pepe has been so very sick. I am glad to hear that he is getting well though….please, please, please call me if there is anything I can do for you guys, ok?

  10. Bonnie Dearing

    Aw, I'm so sorry he's going through this… and you & Joe too. We're thinking of you & praying for you 24/7.

    Love you,

  11. birdonthelawn

    so glad to hear that your little guy is doing better:) best of luck

  12. missphom photography

    praying for a super fast recovery. poor baby.

  13. debsphotographs

    i’m so, so sorry to hear this. you guys are in my thoughts and prayers. my little guy had a MRSA infection at 2 1/2 also. it didn’t require hospitalization or surgery, but many MD visits and lots of antibiotics. i know how scary MRSA can be (as a parent and a nurse). hoping pepe is pain, fever and infection free soon and you all are out of the hospital in a day or two.
    hugs of strength,

  14. Sentimental Visions Photography

    Awww!! I hope he feels better soon!!!
    You need anything let me know! I’m just down the road

  15. pure7 studios

    we will be praying for him

  16. The Heckathorns

    keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. it’s always scary when your child is sickly. 🙁 take care!

  17. Stacy

    Aww girlie just catching up on this – poor little man and momma!! Hope by now he’s completely on the mend! Thinking of you guys!

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