pepe is sick

gotta go! going to surgery keep him in your prayers please


  1. Heather

    Oh my, I saw your note on myspace earlier this week. i hope all is ok with him.

  2. Story

    Oh gosh…what’s happened to him??!!! Email me and let me know whats going on. Awwww I feel so bad for him. Poor little guy. Get better soon pepe xo

  3. Jessica & David Marshall

    Sweet, Pepe! He will be in our prayers. He is in good hands at that hospital, they were amazing with our son when he had bacterial menengitis.

    Hoping to hear good news when you gte back online!

  4. Jim Semlor

    Oh Michelle! I hope everything is o.k. You and your family are definitely in our prayers. Stay safe.

  5. j|terrell

    sending best wishes your way… 🙁

  6. Jenniferbuehrer

    please get better little buddy

  7. Isaac Holland Boda

    looks like a bot fly… thats horrible… keep me posted

  8. Taylor

    My prayers are with you! Is it mumps?

  9. pure7studios

    how did the surgery go???

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