Patrick & Elizabeth

I couldn’t have asked for a better photo session. When they stepped out of their car, all dressed up cute, I knew they would be good. But then after they just started doing their thing, I knew it would be GREAT! They didn’t ask me what to do, how to stand… they just showed their love for one another and I was just there to document it. Goes to show that you don’t need to over think anything infront of the camera.
Added bonus, they are from my homestate of Texas!

(photos taken in Jacksonville FL)





  1. Amy

    you totally rocked it!!!

  2. Jen Arthur

    These are beautiful, Michelle. Gorgeous light in all of them!

  3. Bradford

    2nd shot from the bottom! Love it!

  4. kristel wyman

    you are so awesome. these are AMAZING. i seriously want to meet you someday!!

  5. geri

    whoa! this is my fave set.
    and what is that gorgeous texture?!?!

  6. Crystal Braswell

    LOVE the one of the two of them laying in the grass! As usual, fabulous work!

  7. evelyn eslava

    love this e-session!

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