It’s been one year today, since we hopped on a plane to LIVE in another country. We came to Japan not knowing what to expect. We were given choices on where we wanted to live, Hawaii, WA, Jacksonville, etc. Japan was our #1 on the list. What, you think I’m nuts for not choosing Hawaii? It just wasn’t “exotic” enough for me, plus I’m deadly afraid of being stuck on a tiny island.
I’m an adventurer and I like to experience new things. Plus from what I had seen in photos, Japan is a beautiful place.

I know we were right to choose this beautiful country. So much so that I don’t think 2 more years will satisfy. I love it here. Seems like there’s always a flower you have to go see each month, always something.

Things I love:
It’s safe. I can leave my groceries in my bike and they’ll be there.
I can walk/bike anywhere.
The children’s parks are superb!
We have filled up our gas tank about 5 times this entire year! (I guess that goes with living in a city)
It’s clean. You learn to keep your trash with you and dispose of it at home, or the nearest convenience store.
You recycle. Into 4 different categories.
The street festivals.
The food! Fresh fish and veggies a plenty!
My free coffee sample at the supermarket.
Drying clothes outside.
My kids- involved with the locals. Pepe is taking Taiko lessons and both are playing soccer.
Jude is attending Japanese school and has the sweetest teacher.
Warm toilet seats (I don’t think I could ever go back)
The women’s restrooms have miniature urinals, for the boys and sometimes kid size toilet seats that flip down (smart).
I love that you take off your shoes in your home. Who wants dirty street germs inside?
Packaging and design, they have it right.
Showering before a bath.
The discipline and devotion in everything they do. Everthing is given 110%
Wish I could show you soccer training, they are like little professionals!
I love how they welcome you to a store.
I like bowing instead of shaking hands.
The children walk to and from to school by themselves.
They all wear “alarms” in case they get into trouble, they can pull a cord on a small device and it blasts on.
I LOVE the 100yen store.

I have thought about making a list before, but right now I can’t think of everything, maybe in a later post. But for now, this is pretty much my “1 year” in review.

There’s still so much to see and do…
I wish I could speak the language though.

Thanks for reading, if you did. If you notice, I hardly ever write in my posts, it’s probably not very good for my SEO, but I like to get straight to things. The pictures.


  1. I spent 2 weeks there- Tokyo, Yukoska and Kyoto. Would love to go back. It's a beautiful and amazing place.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences of the last year. You are incredibly talented!

  3. Christine Fenton

    Your photos are beautiful!

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