My New Arrival

Sorry for not posting these sooner, Jude was born August 6th at 8:31AM, weight: 8.4 lbs, length: 21 in.

He is healthy and is a very good baby. I haven’t been losing too much sleep… Pepe is adjusting very well, he’s really happy and kisses “his baby”.

I am still recovering from surgery but I will be posting more photos soon 🙂



  1. writing4612

    He's beautiful! I love the one of the boys sticking their tongues out. 🙂

  2. Tara

    He's adorable! Congrats on a healthy baby and a good-lookin' mama!

  3. Tina Rogers

    CONGRATS!!! I don't comment much, but do stalk you quite a bit. 😎 You are such an inspiration. Love your work and so happy for your new family addition. Just had our lates in June!

  4. Lilia Ahner

    Congratulations, he's beautiful, and so are you!

  5. nick

    he's sooo cute! i'm very happy for you. please post more pictures. was the surgery what you expected?

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