My Kids





Pepe and Jude


are my loves


  1. Dayna Barolin

    These are awesome! They look so much alike. Jude's fat rolls are so amazing. Too cute for words. Make you just want to eat him up!

  2. Kip

    OMG. Too cute.

  3. MIke | Ash Imagery

    love all these 🙂

  4. Maria Hibbs

    Love all of these! They are so precious!!

  5. Marea Thompson

    I loved having you come visit this year I can't wait to see you and them beautiful boys this summer !!!! your pics turned out so great

  6. oubonp

    be still my heart…

  7. writing4612

    LOVE these! Your kids are just too cute.

  8. Elaine Melinda Studio

    love. love. love. thanks for sharing!

  9. MelodyA.

    They are just so adorable!

  10. Ozzygarciaphotography

    I love these!!

  11. Suzanne

    So incredibly adorable!

  12. Corin Jones


  13. Megan Champion

    They are both so beautiful! I love the mounds of rolls on Jude!!! Makes me want a squishy baby of my own,

  14. Ohhhh, the rolllllls!!!! I’m in love:)

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