Lea & Doug: Green Bay Wisconsin Wedding Photographer

Lea and Doug, Green Bay Wisconsin.

I have known Lea for a few years now… she first contacted me to ask me about taking photos of her and her new baby. From there, she would contact me every few months to capture some more milestones in her life. We eventually moved to different places and then out of the blue I received a message. It was Lea, calling to announce her engagement. She told me that she had been looking around for wedding photographers in her area, but no matter whose work she looked at, she kept coming back to mine.
She had to have ME. (Imagine that!) I am so humbled and honored to get another chance to be there for her family… I know I will see them all again one day <3

I can’t thank you both enough.


  1. Anthony

    Lea I’m so glad you’re happy; I pray for marital bliss

  2. Linda Wepking

    OMG….. I have Looked at all of these pictures at least 3 times. Results….. They are all absolutely Fabulous! Congratulations!!

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