Kamakura, Japan Photos

When De’Quoai contacted me and said: “I want something different”
I liked her immediately. We are in Japan, though I often photograph at the same locations, just for your convenience… doesn’t mean we can’t go somewhere else! Kamakura is a very popular tourist destination, full of color, temples, things to see. If you would like to have real “Japan” photographs of your family while you are here, contact me.


  1. De'Quoai Jackson Billingslea

    You simply amaze me how awesome you photograph! I can't thank you enough for the superb job you have done

  2. Clinton Myers

    As a photographer and friend of Billingslea, you've captured their essence with your camera. The colors are vivid and very appealing. Great subjects and great photographer.

  3. Beautiful!!! Your family should be in magazines. Beautiful!!!

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