Jude: 2 Weeks Old

Looks like I’m going to have another blue-eyed boy… Who knew my genes would be recessive to the “Dearing” genes, ay?



  1. Mrs Jetplane

    So precious. Congrats!

  2. christina

    Oh Michelle, what a gift! Your baby and your family are so beautiful. I will come down, I promise, as soon as you are ready for me!

  3. writing4612

    I didn't know it was possible, but these are even better than the last. He's so precious.

  4. Hiliary

    I love them!! So sweet…especially the one of baby and daddy napping 🙂

  5. lucchiniphoto.com

    What a beauty, congratulations!!!!

  6. lisa

    wow, these are so beautiful. that third one (on the bed with daddy) is 100% PERFECT.

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