Jennifer’s Couture Bridal

Vintage inspired ofcourse.


  1. pure7studios

    these are drencing with awesomeness! i love your textures, where did you get them. i want them!! hope you are doing/feeling well

  2. mirka psak

    love love love them! the texture on the last one is awesome!

  3. Richardson Clan Chowder

    image is my ultimate favorite. I love the imge processing you did. It gave it an antique print look similar to the ones photographers used to back with cardboard stock.

    I love that the photographs that clients have me restore is what our generation craves!

    Great work as always!

  4. Tara

    Awesome AGAIN! I love your use of textures, adds so much to the feel and mood. Great bridals!!

  5. writing4612

    Lovely pictures as usual.

    She was a beautiful bride, and vintage definitely suits her!

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