I’m moving to Japan!

My family and I are moving to Yokosuka, Japan in December. I’m very much looking forward to this change, I think I have the soul of a gypsy who always needs change. I do not look forward to the unpacking… I’ve been stressing out about all of our “things”. Whether they will fit in our tiny home or not. So I’ve been craigslisting random things like crazy but I don’t like dealing with the craigslisters!
I am hoping my kids will learn some Japanese while we are there. We will be living off-base so that we can experience the culture more.

I have a few more weddings left here in Pensacola, Florida. After that my blog will most likely be barren for a while, but I’m not worried at all. If business goes well, great. If not, I’ll be sharing personal photos with you all.

I do have a plan to start photographing children again, this is where I started after all. Doing small studio portraits.

So for now here is a photo of my son Jude for his 3rd birthday.


  1. Miwa Jimenez

    We are looking forward to see you! Safe trip!

  2. Wow! I can't believe you're moving to Japan! We are coming back to Florida in February (we've been in Germany for the passed 4 years) and we have a son who is almost 2 1/2 years old! Not sure if you remember us, but your photographed our wedding in June 2008… we LOVE our photos. You are a brilliant photographer and I hope you enjoy your adventure in Japan. I have a friend over there if you feel you need more contacts. 🙂 I really enjoy seeing your work and how you have grown as an artist. Take care!

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