Hollywood Glamour

Well, I’ve been obsessing over these type of shoots for a little while now and bought myself some new lights… just like the ones George Hurrell used in his shoots, they are hot lights. Though I didn’t use an 8X10 film camera, I just used my Nikon D80 with my 50mm 1.2 film lens. Might I add, auto focusing is something we take for granted nowadays.

featured in Rock N Roll Bride

Meet Polish beauty, Magdalena.

*notice how HOT these are, and there is no lingerie involved 🙂





  1. Jay Eads Photography

    holy moses.

  2. Krisha

    She is absolutely stunning.
    Her cupid's bow is to die for.
    Fantastic bone structure!
    …obviously great photographer as well 🙂

  3. Joseph Yarrow Bristol Wedding Photographer


  4. patsy brown


  5. kat - rock n roll bride

    wow these are FAB!

  6. christina

    I am amazed at how creative you are. Your talent is truly a blessing to many. I know she will treasure these photos forever. We may spend the night in Jax on the way to Rosemary. I will give you a call. Also, the kids will stay in Alabama for a week July 4-10. I might hurry up and come down to see you. The clock is ticking on your uterine environment!

  7. Magdalena

    Michelle, it was such a great pleasure to work with someone as creative and fun as you! These came out SO well, I love them all! 🙂 Thanks again for a super fun and exciting shoot!! You are amazing!!

  8. Kelly

    Those are so great! She is stunning, and your photos are amazing!

  9. LAr

    Ok, that does it! Next time you are in town (after baby), I must book another session with you:) These are so incredible. Great job!


  10. LAr

    Ok, that does it, next time you are in P'cola (after baby) I must book another session with you:) These are so incredible! Great job!

  11. writing4612

    Goodness, these are simply striking! She is definitely a natural beauty. It's sad you don't see that much anymore.

  12. Fishers of Men

    Wow. I am speechless. way to go!

  13. Tara

    Polish girls know what's up!!! 😉 Girl these are so stinkin awesome I could just poop myself. Well not really but I'm really stoked for you and your new lights!! They are beyond fabulous.

  14. BH

    These are absolutely breathtaking! I could see the one with the fur wrap and necklace as some sort of ad in Vogue. The B&W shots could be 40's pinups. 🙂 Nice job!

  15. Jenniferbuehrer

    Wow.. these are fantastic… i love it

  16. Michele B

    These are absolutely stunning Michelle!!!!!!! You did a wonderful job tapping into that era.

  17. Jessica

    Nothing to say, but what has been repeated here…. STUNNING!

  18. Rima

    Oh my goodness, I hope I reach your level someday!! Amazing!

  19. A.G. Photos

    OMG these are so amazing… which I knew how much you know!! That is fatastic I am so jealous!!!

  20. Jessica Stokes

    WOW! These are FABULOUS!! LOVE them all!

  21. Shell Owens Photography

    These are amazing!!! However, I never expect anything less than perfection from you lol

    Shell Owens Photography

  22. lucchiniphoto.com

    George would be proud!!!

  23. Alisia

    So wonderful…
    just gorgeous.

  24. Me

    Michelle… every time I see more of your work I am more impressed… You are awesome!

  25. gwyneth colleen

    these are so EFFING amazing.

  26. Eli Murray

    Wow!!!!!!! The lighting on this set of photos is incredible, thanks so much for sharing!

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