Goodbye Pensacola

Goodbye Pensacola

I just want to thank anyone who reads these blog posts, anyone who has ever booked a session with me, or anyone who enjoys my work. Thank you.

Tomorrow we are off to Jacksonville FL! I’ll be sure to post some photos once we get settled. And just a note to anyone placing an order, I may not get to it for a couple of weeks! I won’t have my computer with me.

Remember, just because I move doesn’t mean I can’t come back and take your picture… keep that in mind! There’s plenty more Pensacola weddings this year, so I’ll be on the road about every other weekend.

Peace out Pcola!


  1. Randy

    Hey, I am a big fan of your work…saw some stuff on flickr and am just amazed at how beautiful your images are. I love the look of your blog as well. I am trying to find a template that allows me to show images in a larger size like yours. Any tips as to where or how I can find one, maybe not the same template but just how to post images in a larger size?

  2. Oeil Photography

    Hey Randy thanks!!

    I just used a template from blogger- it should show up on one of the free ones under “Layout”

    Also- just resize your images bigger, I think mine are at 750 pix or something, if you want to know the specific size, right click my pic, open up in photoshop and go to image size, change inches to pixels and see.
    Plus uploading from Flickr helps keep them at a larger size I think… instead of automatically resizing them like they do on here.
    Copy the HTML code from flickr and post it! good luck 🙂

  3. Links


    I am gonna miss you girl! You are extremely talented and have been a great encouragement to me. I know you will do great things in Jacksonville and grow in your gift. Hopefully we can get together sometime when you are back in Pensacola for the weddings.

    { love }

  4. Stacy

    Welcome to Jacksonville!! Looking forward to meeting you 🙂

  5. Brandy Ellen Photography

    bummer! I was hoping to meet you when we come home to visit next summer. Oh well, I will still stalk and leave comments on your blog!

    You work is wonderful (I have said that before)!

  6. Carrie Hasson

    Best of luck in Jacksonville, we just found out we’re Hawaii bound soon! A photo playground…
    Love your blogger tips, had to take my header down until i figure out how to stretch the photo longer so it doesn’t look so blocky!
    Look forward to seeing your “eye” for Jacksonville!~

  7. Michelle

    Good luck on your move! Can’t wait to see your new stuff from Jacksonville! Hope you weather out the storm alright.

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