Film Photography in Japan

I am a complete photo nerd. I can pack a bag for a vacation within 10 minutes, but ask me what to bring with me in photo gear, and it can take an hour to decide. Lately, I have been wanting to go back to shooting for myself, and I have a collection of cameras and manual focus lenses that are just sitting, so I have begun to go through the cameras and shoot a roll here and there. I am using really expired film and it didn’t help that I used ASA 800 (good for low light) so a majority of the photos are very grainy. It’s just fun to me, so here are a few! (no photoshop, just pure photography)

If any of my clients want me to experiment on them with film photography, let me know!

Once I figure out how to scan some medium format negatives locally, I will add on to this post.

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  1. Lucy

    I love these! inspirational, as I’m hoping to take film photos on my yashica 35 mm camera when i go to tokyo and kyoto this weekend!

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