Crystal and Troy

were married in the beautiful city of San Francisco… I was so priviledged to be a part of their union… I had the most wonderful time with their family.
My whole stay was beautiful with every detail carefully planned out. Crystal and Troy wanted their family from out of town to see San Francisco as they see it, not as a big city, but something more intimate, small, and down to earth. The drive from the city to the ceremony site was wonderful, a drive along the mountains with huge drops on one side.
Thank you so much for everything.

Rehearsal Dinner:Cappanina Ristorante

Wedding: The Pelican Inn

The BBQ Reception:(Day after Wedding) Quail Inn at Oakmont

Tables turned again and you my friend
You and I face each other all time and time again
I know it’s sometimes hard, but knowing just
that we will get along until we’re old and gray
and huddled up and doubled up we’ll sit
And laugh of times were hard
Laugh of times when we thought all of it would end
It all was over, then again
And though all that I know is this way
And to leave you out of life
Oh my friend
It will be you until the end with me, always
Ah ah will, always
Yeah ah, yeah ah, yeah

The wedding rehearsal at the Palace of Fine Arts
These are Crystal’s $700 dream shoes. Crystal- way to go, you rocked them for 2 straight days

DELICIOUS is all I have to say.

Some last moments of being single:

These are all “the Day After”

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