Chris & Ikuko: Japanese Shinto Wedding

A beautiful couple surrounded by good friends and good times… Chris is a fellow Texan from Boerne, and Ikuko is from Osaka. Both of them have some powerful bosses who decided to show up for a grand total of ten stars at the wedding.

I’m so lucky to have had this opportunity because a traditional Japanese wedding was on my photography bucket list. Thank you so much for welcoming me and treating me like one of your own.


  1. Connie Dodson

    Dear Chris and Iku,
    Congratulations and Best Wishes for a wonderful life together! Your wedding photos
    are truly remarkable. Thanks to Pat for sharing them with me. Hope to see you in Texas some day!

  2. Loved seeing your wedding pictures. What a beautiful event! And a beautiful couple! Congratulations to you both! Lindy Lawrence

  3. What a beautiful couple. Their wedding was gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

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