Chelsea & Ronnie

that’s all I need to say.



  1. Jen Arthur

    You're right–these ARE hot! Love her tattoo. You did a fantastic job on these. Love them all!

  2. Tara

    I used to live literally RIGHT there in that neighborhood! (Scary huh! LOL!) These are so awesome!

  3. mirka psak

    ok seriously you're amazing!

  4. Josh

    I'm loving every single one of them! Awesome!

  5. Anthony Stone

    Truly remarkable work. Whatever they paid for this,it wasn't enough. On the other hand I'll bet you are thinking maybe you should have paid them. What amazing chemistry they have, what a thrill you must have had looking through the viewfinder at these two!

  6. Irwin

    Hot, indeed!

  7. Jessica

    So, freakin' awesome!!!! Wow!

  8. Pamela

    WOW Michelle, your work is amazing! Such an inspiration. Great job on these they all ROCK!

  9. Tracy Grant

    Beautiful Work!!!

  10. Tracy Grant

    beautiful work!!

  11. Amy Hahn

    Awesome as always!!!!!!!!

  12. Beth Armsheimer

    HOT yeah!! LOVE these all!

  13. Brooke

    beautiful work 🙂

  14. Anonymous

    Wow these are wonderful! Yep…its official if I ever get married or have a special event you're the gal I'm going to! I love your unique style and perspective. You are beautifully magnificent!
    -jennifer chabri

  15. patsy brown

    WOWWOWOWOWOWOWOW!!! Beautiful Work Michelle!

  16. Kelly

    WOAH! These blew me the freak away! They are more than hot, if that is possible! So sexy, and stunning! I love the lighting and effects you got going on. Fantastic!

  17. Anonymous

    wow! that's it…

  18. Amber Hughes

    Fantastic work! Love them!

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