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Happy Father’s Day!

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or in Jude’s words… Happy Farter’s Day. You are the greatest dad my kids could ever have… and I thank you everyday for this. Even if I don’t say it, it’s engraved in my mind. You are a living hero … Continue reading

Pensacola Travel Sessions!

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I am so excited to be visiting the beautiful Pensacola area again this October! Many of you showed interest for a photo session, so since I am traveling from a bit away from home, your session will be paid up … Continue reading

Jude + Jinny

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Met in Japan, and both have family in Kentucky. Soulmates? Maybe too young for that, but best friends, probably! This is their outing to the sweet potato farm.


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It’s been one year today, since we hopped on a plane to LIVE in another country. We came to Japan not knowing what to expect. We were given choices on where we wanted to live, Hawaii, WA, Jacksonville, etc. Japan … Continue reading

Edge of the Sea

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These are my kids. I had always had a “sailing” concept in my head, glad I finally executed it.

I’m moving to Japan!

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My family and I are moving to Yokosuka, Japan in December. I’m very much looking forward to this change, I think I have the soul of a gypsy who always needs change. I do not look forward to the unpacking… … Continue reading