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USS George Washington Family Photos

uss-george-washington-001 © 2014 oeil. All rights reserved.

A little sad that this aircraft carrier will be moving from Japan, but we will be getting new ships here. I hope these photos serve as a great memory to this family!

Best Military Homecoming Photos

military-homecoming-001 © 2014 oeil. All rights reserved.

USS George Washington arriving in Yokosuka, Japan 2014. Yokosuka Naval Base Real moments. I was not hired for these, nor did I let anyone hire me for this event. I wanted to document the day as I saw it…

Marine Ball Photography 2014

Marine-ball-yokosuka-001 © 2014 oeil. All rights reserved.

What an honor to get to photograph the Marine Ball in Yokosuka… I have done plenty of events before, but this one was special. Thank you, Marines…