Hase-dera Temple Kamakura

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We were lucky to have caught the last of the fall colors, this beautiful temple is very close to the Great Buddha. Hidden gem.

USS George Washington Family Photos

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A little sad that this aircraft carrier will be moving from Japan, but we will be getting new ships here. I hope these photos serve as a great memory to this family!

Verny Park Yokosuka Photographer

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Lovely colors of fall…. this Navy family chose the beautiful Verny park as their setting. I love how the light shines through the yellow ginko trees at the moment, though the leaves will be falling very soon. Oh yes, and … Continue reading

Frozen Movie Photoshoot

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Just wanted to do something fun this year since the Frozen film was so popular this year. It’s too bad I don’t have little girls and let’s not forget Olaf!

Best Military Homecoming Photos

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USS George Washington arriving in Yokosuka, Japan 2014. Yokosuka Naval Base Real moments. I was not hired for these, nor did I let anyone hire me for this event. I wanted to document the day as I saw it…

Documentary Family Photographer

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Here is a family who woke up early, got dressed to have their photo taken by a complete stranger… we met up downtown Yokosuka, it’s early morning on a weekend, holding a couple of cups of coffee. We exchanged smiles … Continue reading

Tokyo Elopement at Embassy of Sweden

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How romantic is it to go to a place you’ve never visited before and have a small ceremony? These two are both political journalists from Swede, in Japan for the first time.