One year with Ms. C

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She would brighten up my day everytime she stopped by to take her monthly photo. It was bittersweet to watch her grow and hit her milestones and come up with cute or funny themes. Thank you so much.

Enoshima Island Engagement Photographer

yokosuka-photographer-001 © 2015 oeil. All rights reserved.

Enoshima Island in Japan is such a beautiful and surreal place… it’s perfectly quaint and it looks like it would be a great backdrop for a film. So lucky to have photographed this beautiful couple there!

Kamakura Bamboo Temple Photos

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One of the greatest places in Japan, I have to say. I got to spend my morning with this beautiful family. I couldn’t get enough of this little girl’s smile!

Yokohama Family Photographer

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Perfect time… it was a beautiful day with the Yokosuka cherry blossoms as a wonderful backdrop. I had so much fun with these guys!

Hase-dera Temple Kamakura Family Photos

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These guys just arrived to Japan and already made some great memories so they can share with their families back home. They chose Hase-dera temple in Kamakura as a beautiful backdrop.    

Kamakura Bamboo Temple Photos

hokokuji-kamakura-001 © 2015 oeil. All rights reserved.

One of my favorite places to take photos is the Hokokuji temple, in Kamakura. The entrance fee is only about $3.50 and you can visit this dense bamboo forest that separates you from the outside world… The foot paths are … Continue reading